On-site Service for Flowmeters

Test Inline, Stay Inline with Meter Services

Why is on-site flowmeter calibration important?

It is essential to carry out periodic tests to ensure that performance has not deviated significantly from specified tolerances. This is especially important for custody transfer or billing applications where significant cost can be avoided or income can be generated.

    What are the benefits of MMI Inc.'s Services?
  • Process Optimization – Reduce raw material cost, increase process speed & data accuracy
  • Quality – Calibration certified and traceable to National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)
  • Safety – Regular calibration, consistent intervals and record keeping help minimize accidents
  • Cost Reduction – Plug the knowledge gaps, reduce training and maintenance costs. No need for expensive calibration equipment or training for employees.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Independent verification of calibrations, record keeping & calibration to NIST standards
  • NPDES Compliance – Meets EPA minimum annual requirement for discharge flowmeters at municipal water treatment facilities
  • Custody Transfer – Improved accuracy, independent verification of calibration
  • Traceability – Annual certification of CalMaster System insures complete documentation for regulatory and ISO compliances.
   What can MMI Inc. Service do for you?
  • Schedule a service appointment
  • Commission you new instrumentation (Extend your warranty 12 months)
  • Discuss a service contract
  • Schedule a site assessment of your current instrumentation
  • Schedule training on your instrumentation
  • Discuss bundling services, repairs and technical support

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